The Wildebeest Migration

My name is Elizabeth Njau, I am a Co-founder of Elida Tours & Safaris. Currently I work full time in the business as a Tour & Travel Advisor and also as a Strategic Planner. One of the things I have been wanting to do for a while is write a blog … but I never get beyond the first few sentences. So what has changed and why now? Why the topic Wildebeest Migration.

COVID-19 has come and caused a disruption in our lives as we know them. As I speak I am at home trying to figure out what next. The comfort that I draw from this new experience is that history informs me that there were similar times like these in ages past and those who were there before us overcome and enjoyed victory of those circumstances. 

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As I reflected on what next ….the imagery of the wildebeest migration came to my mind.

The drama of the wildebeest is an all year round phenomenon that involves moving to and from the Tanzania – Serengeti and the Kenya – Mara national reserves. This whole drama has it climax with the famous Mara River crossing when great herds of wildebeest that are on the Northern part of the Tanzania cross into Kenya back and forth. The buildup of the crossing is tense and unpredictable. Thousands of wildebeest are congregated on one side of the river and they want to get to the other side of the river.  Pressure seems to be mounting and a lot of  braying and gnuts can be heard from quite far. Finally after several false starts one or two individuals jump in the river followed by thousands others and the crossing starts.

In the river itself crocodiles are waiting with bated breath for the meal that seems in sight. Once the crossing starts there are who will be swept away by the waters, trampled upon, while others will be killed by the crocodiles. On the other hand, predators are waiting with batted breath on the other side of the crossing for their catch.

In a way, I think this imagery gives me insight as to how I feel now. I am across the river, I need to cross because I need the grass on the other side. Yet the river is filled with crocodiles …. There is pressure behind me pushing me to cross and yet I dare not cross. Unlike the wildebeest I cannot cross the river until the river is clean of the crocodiles in this case represented by the virus.


We expect things will settled down, the COVID-19 will end and we will pick up our lives and go back to normalcy … whatever that will be. When that happens we invite you to join Elida Tours & Safaris and book one of many packages that will take you to the Masai Mara to enjoy the many different animals in their natural habitat. If you are lucky to see the Wildebeest crossing you will gain insight as to how I was feeling as I wrote this blog.

One thing that history reminds me of, is that every calamity that comes eventually ends. Though lives are being disrupted human beings have shown great resilience in picking themselves up and moving forward.

We look forward to the end of COVID-19 and we expect that we shall overcome.

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