About Our Tours & Safaris

Carefully Planned Authentic Safaris

The word safari is synonymous with East Africa, home to game reserves, diverse wildlife and panoramic landscapes. It is a journey, an expedition of exploration, a rare opportunity to observe animals in their natural surroundings. Destinations evoke the nostalgia of yesteryears classic safaris –Maasai Mara, Serengeti, Kilimanjaro, and Nairobi. Colors flourish: pale yellow hues of the endless grasslands of the savannah; the deep red glow of an African sky aflame at twilight; dawns early rays of light on the lush green canopy that surrounds awakening wildlife.

Return to a time when the ancient Great Rift Valley, cradle of mankind, held secrets to life. Majestic animals such as lions, elephants, and giraffes inhabit the same land as the endangered black rhinoceros, buffalos and Zebra; ungainly creatures such as hippopotamus, wildebeest and warthogs feed and play amidst the graceful gazelle, leopard and cheetah.

For over fifteen years we’ve designed creative itineraries that open the doors to new and exciting experiences in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Zanzibar, Egypt and Southern Africa. Meticulous planning and years of personal research go to every tour to ensure the High quality safaris you have come to expect from Elida Tours & Safaris Ltd. Our expeditions in East Africa are a mixture of cultural explorations, wildlife safaris and special sightseeing activities offering a glimpse of African life that’s beyond the ordinary.

Your Safaris Guides & Tours Leaders

Our driver/safari guide will accompany you while on safari. They are professional local experts offering insights on the regions history, geography, wildlife and cultural traditions, who in partnership with our tour leaders provide a dedication to customer service that is best in the industry. Incase of large groups the tour leaders are with you throughout your journeys to ensure everything runs smoothly. They are knowledgeable, caring, informative and insightful, managing all details of every itinerary to make your vacation smooth, enjoyable and worry free.

Outstanding Service & Value

Excellent service and detailed organization are trademarks of Elida Tours & Safaris Ltd. We accept courteous and service from our travel partners; lodges, hotels, resorts and restaurants have been carefully chosen to ensure you are treated as a welcomed and respected guest. Dining is an important, and delightful, part of your safari in East Africa, a blend of local cuisine and Continental flare. Your dining complements the day’s superb sightseeing and unique accommodations; the discovery of local specialties is always an enjoyable part of traveling.

Excellent Accommodation

At Elida, we know that excellent accommodations are of paramount importance to your enjoyment on our tours. Our hotels and lodges, many of through long association with us have mastered the art of handling groups check- ins and baggage speedily, and balancing the need for efficiency with the desire of each traveler to receive individual attention. Elida is proud to be associated with some of Africa’s leading and finest establishments.

Make the Most of Your Money

As a rule of thumb, a touring day with Elida costs you no more than you would pay on your own for an overnight hotel stay. Yet we also provide the services of a tour guide, comfortable transportation, many meals, a rich sightseeing safari program, and more.

The Crew Behind The Scenes

Our tightly knit, superbly functioning team of the finest tourism experts is at your service. This is our most precious asset where lifetime careers are the rule, not the exception. Our staffs are Dedicated, Efficient, Friendly, and Knowledgeable. These words describe Elidas group of tourism professionals, whose mission is to make your East African Tour the best vacation ever.

When you return home from a successful tour that lived up to your high expectations, a lot of credit is due to the high Elida personnel who you didn’t meet, the men and women who staff our operational office and deliver the first class service that you expect from Elida.

David Njau - Elida Tours

David N. Njau: Director and Tour Manager

David is a native Kenyan and the founder of Elida Tours & Safaris Ltd. He holds a Diploma In Tour Guiding And Administration, David has over 20 years experience in organizing safaris in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Zanzibar & Rwanda.

He has also traveled widely in USA & Africa gaining the necessary expertise to steer Elida towards achieving world-class status, offering outstanding and impeccable services. David is married and has three sons. He speaks Kiswahili, English, Spanish, Kikuyu and most local dialects.

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