Itinerary Overview

Marangu is the least strenuous route to the summit of Kili and is the most travelled, known as the 'Coca-Cola Route' due to its popularity. However it has the lowest success rate due to a short acclimatisation period and the fact that it is used by many inexperienced and unprepared climbers. It approaches Kili from the southeast and the 5 day trek takes you through forests, moorlands and high altitude desert scenery before reaching Uhuru from Kibo Hut via Gillman's Point. The ascension profile is gradual and steady and the trek covers some 35km. Accommodation is in comfortable communal huts, the only route where camping in tents is not required. The descent is along the same path, contributing to the crowded feel and limited scenery seen on this route

    Day 1: Marangu Gate - Mandara Huts

    After breakfast, your guide will meet you at your hotel in Arusha. The morning begins with a drive to Marangu Gate (6256 ft). Your journey heads to Mandara Huts (8935 ft).

    Day 2: Mandara Huts - Horombo Huts

    Mandara Huts (8935 ft) to Horombo Huts (12208 ft).

    Day 3: Horombo Huts - Kibo Huts

    Horombo Huts (12208 ft) to Kibo Huts (15466 ft)

    Day 4: Horombo Hut - Acclimatization Day

    While it’s possible to do Marangu in 5 days, we strongly recommend taking an extra day to acclimate at Horombo hut, a village of huts on a small plateau. On this day, you’ll do a circular hike for about 4-5 hours toward Mawenzi hut to further help the acclimatization process.

    Day 5: Kibo Huts - Uhuru Peak - Horombo Huts

    Kibo Hut (15466 ft) to Uhuru Peak (19341 ft) via Gillman’s Point (18763 ft). Followed by a descent to Horombo Huts (12208 ft) via Kibo Hut.

    Day 6: Horombo Huts - Marangu Gate

    Horombo Huts (12208 ft) to Marangu Gate (6256 ft).

Tour Inclusions & Exclusions